Exchange and returns

What is the redemption deadline?

Items purchased from the online store are brand new, labeled on the item, include all accessories, and must be used, cleaned, or otherwise modified in the item within 7 days of receipt. You can request a replacement at.

Items that do not meet the above conditions will not be exchanged, and even if you return the item to us without prior consultation, it will be automatically returned to the original address with the shipping fee.



How to replace the product?

For more information on the exchange process, please contact customer service by email:


What should I do if the exchange is approved?

We will give you a 30-day credit coupon that can be used at the online store, and we ask that you complete your shopping within the deadline. You can change the size and color of the item before exchange, or change it to another item. There may be a difference in the products due to the change, the fare of the product you want to exchange may be increased, and all or part of it may be deducted.


Can I return the item?

In principle, we cannot return products other than defective products. If you find any defects in the delivered product, please contact the customer center immediately.We will exchange the product only if the conditions required for the product exchange are met.


※Please note that outlet products and discount products cannot be exchanged under any circumstances as they are not eligible for exchange.