Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews


Nalinge provides fields on its website for customers to evaluate its products and services and leave a testimonial describing their shopping experience. By making such communications, either through the website, as by e-mail, facebook, Instragram, among others, the client authorizes their use and reproduction for purposes of publicizing Nalinge.


     •  The customer recognizes from now on that it has full responsibility for the content generated. These comments must respect morals, ethics, and are not prejudiced, discriminatory, slanderous messages or messages that in any way may denigrate the image of Nalinge or third parties.


     •  Nalinge reserves the right to delete or hide any content it deems necessary.


     •  Customer declares that it agrees to respond in court for any and all damages that may violate the rules set forth herein, exempting Nalinge from any and all liability related to such facts and/or situations.


     •  Nalinge does not assume any responsibility derived from communications or dialogues in the course of debates, forums, chats and virtual communities that are organized through the Internet and/or links, nor will it be liable, therefore, for any damages and losses suffered by the client private and/or collective as a result of said communications and/or dialogues.