Strappy Eco Leather Bra Ruby Red


Bra:The soft fabric touches the skin, and the strappy design makes this model casual. And he's laced and K18 goal-plated design gives it a distinctive beauty and a refined shine.

Bra:85% Nylon / 15% Spandex

Bra pad:60% Polyurethane / 40% Polyester

Washing method: Use a mild detergent and wash your hands if possible.Do not use chlorine or bleach. Always use the delicate mode when washing in the washing machine and do not wash in water with temperatures above 40ºC. The washing machine can deform the pad and fray the lace. Washing with boiling water will change the color of the product, leading to a change in appearance.

Drying method: When drying lingerie, it is recommended to avoid the dryer and dry it at room temperature. Elastic lace deforms when used in a dryer. Sunlight lightens the color of the product and reduces the flexibility of the fabric, so let it air dry in the shade. Do not twist it as it can damage the lingerie.