Tulle short robe bridal honeymoon


Bridal collection robe

With a tulle and lace design, this short robe has a delicate, elegant and sensual touch and is an integral part of the lingerie shower list.

The sleeves are long, wide and comfortable with a loose design. Made entirely of tulle fabric, this piece features a contrasting and beautiful lace design on the back, with 3/4 tulle and lace cuts on the waist straps and sleeves. High quality, sophisticated and impeccable work without losing comfort. 

Note: Bras and shorts are not included.

Washing Mode: Preferably hand wash, use mild soap and do not use chlorine or bleach. When washing in the machine, always use the delicate mode and do not wash at temperatures above 40ºC, as the washing machine can deform and even unravel the beautiful lace. Very hot water can change the color of your pieces, which results in a grimy appearance.

How to dry: When drying your lingerie, we recommend the room temperature, avoid the dryer too, the lace with Lycra are deformed if they are dried in dryers. .  So, wait for them to naturally dry the shade, as the sun fades the color and spoils the flexibility of the fabric Do not twist, as this may damage the part.